Electrical System

Low Voltage

“MEP Smart Service Works” engineers low voltage systems that distributes power where is needed, safely and reliably, while providing optimal protection for personnel and equipment.

·          Our range of low voltage distribution elements includes:

·          Grounding

·          Main Distribution Boards (MDB)

·          Secondary Main Distribution Boards (SMDB)

·          Final Distribution Boards ( FDB )

·          Cables

·           Lighting fixtures

·         Sockets

Emergency power systems are extremely useful in many different settings such as residential homes, hospitals, research laboratories, data canters, and telecommunication canter. “MEP Smart Service Works” specializes in many emergency power systems that include:

• Generators


Low Current

• Data and Communication

• Fire Alarm

• Access Control

• Queue Management System

• BMS (Building Management System)

• Audio Visual

• Lighting Control System

• Video and Audio Intercom System